Step Down was created when Melissa Thomas worked at an inpatient treatment center. With keen observation she realized that clients needed more than just a 28 day program after leaving the treatment center and returning back to society. Melissa felt that clients needed a step down component after treatment in order to process and deal with unresolved feelings and emotions they were experiencing.

Melissa observed that going from a controlled and secluded environment into a half-way house with complete freedom was proving to be detrimental to their recovery. Let’s face it, addiction comes gradually starting with experimental use, then slowly the abuse stage creeps in were drugs or alcohol change appearances from Want to a Need.

Some addicts can be very manipulative sometimes resorting to criminal actives, lying, steeling, and even postulation to support an addiction habit. This kind of behavior leads to devastation; braking the hearts of their family members. I’m sure if your reading this you can relate and understand what is being said.

At Step Down we take pride in our collaborative and empowering approach of dealing with the underline issues pertaining to drugs and alcohol addiction.

Step Down’s Dynamic staff focus much attention on finding solutions, we take a well-balanced holistic approach by addressing Mind Body and Soul. We provide individuals with a way to conquer their addictions and find happiness in their lives once again.


We provide

  • Group and Individual therapy
  • Music and Art therapy
  • Case Management
  • Clean and Sober Living for both Men and Women
  • Recreational Field Trips (i.e. deep sea fishing, Rapids water park and frequent trips to the beach)


Our Mission

Our mission at Step Down, Inc. is to provide our clients in recovery a safe, caring, and therapeutic environment for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our main goal at Step Down, Inc. is to transition our clients back into everyday life with the use of a 12 step program and daily group therapy sessions with explore topics such as coping with grief and loss, building self-esteem, creating positive and interpersonal family relationships, surviving trauma, and so much more. By embracing the values of the 12 step philosophy, we are committed to do everything within our power to help those who cannot help themselves achieve recovery.


Our Vision 

Our vision at Step Down, Inc. is to guide and empower our clients with the necessary tools to become the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, or spouses that we know they can be. We strongly believe that by implementing meditation and basic life skills training, we will be assisting our clients to change their lives on their recovery journey. We offer patients and their families a customized, individualized, and patient-centered treatment approach that promotes long term recovery and provides the tools necessary to reconstruct their lives free from drugs and alcohol and guiding them to become honest and productive members of society.

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